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About Embark Ventures


Embark Ventures is an LA based, early-stage venture capital fund focused on "deep tech" (companies with proprietary technology which provides a defensible competitive advantage). Our entrepreneurs are focused on transforming multi-billion dollar industries in areas including cyber-security, autonomy (robotics/AI/ML), health-tech, and advanced manufacturing/materials. 






We are hiring an Analyst/Associate to work with the two Founding Managing Partners to help with:

  • Review incoming pitch decks from startups

  • Conduct diligence on the companies and market - heavily technology focused as well as market landscape, competition, and team 

  • Research and build reports on critical industries of interest such as cybersecurity, robotics, AI/ML, 3D printing, etc

  • Build full diligence reports for companies we are seriously considering for investment

  • Find new startups mainly through building relationships with university research groups

Criteria for this candidate include:

  • Strong work ethic

  • Ability to work independently and pro-actively

  • Deep curiosity and interest in learning about a broad range of technologies and industries

  • Technical undergraduate degree REQUIRED (Engineering, CompSci, Physics)

    • Ideally looking for candidates with experience in multi-disciplinary areas such as Engineering/CompSci plus Biology/Chemistry/Materials

  • Exceptional academic performance

  • Priority given to graduates from established technical/engineering schools such as MIT, CalTech, Stanford, etc.



Please submit resume and information here: Resume Submission Form



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